So you want to become an admin ehh?

There's a few things you will need to do first.

Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 7.48.22 PM

A little glimpse of what the actual server looks like. If you don't understand this then you better study up!

  1. Be well known and trustworthy. Trust amoungst the other admins on the server (as well as knowledge of your existence) is key. You also have to be ready to dedicate a great deal of time for the server. Let them know that you want to move up in the ranks. (Note: it helps a great deal if you are already a moderator on the server)
  2. Study up! You have to know all of the commands/rules and what they do. To reference all of the commands, you can type /help [1,2,3,etc].
  3. Have an admin test you. These questions can be a wide range from basic commands to the rules of the server.
  4. Fill in the application. The application will be posted below. Please ask an admin on the server where to submit the application.
  5. Wait for approval. If you have done everything right, there's a good chance you will be approved. Moderators get priority over regulars. Please know that the demand of admins is limited, so you may not be approved even if you are qualified. If there is no need for new admins but you are fit to become one, then you will be added to the admin signup list (first come, first serve).
Admin Application form:

In game name (IGN):
Time on server (approx in weeks/months):
Current group level: Silver/Gold/Diamond (select one)
Name of admin tester:
IGN of admin tester:
Approximately how many times are you on the server per week and for how long:
Is there anything else you would like an admin to know about you:

Application Version 1.1

Admin Signup List:

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  2. _______________
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