[Bukkit] Essentials


  • Do not pair with [Bukkit] General !
  • Requires plugin [Bukkit] Permissions

Essentials offers about 100 commands useful on just about every server, from kits to mob spawning.




Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level.


Displays your current coordinate location in the world.


Displays your current bearing in the world.


Teleports you to the highest block at your current location.

/jump, /j

Teleports you to the nearest block, in your line of sight (Crosshair).


Returns you to your last position after using any kind of teleportation commands (/warp, /tp, /spawn, etc...). When using this command after dying, it will transport you to a safe deathpoint.

/World <nether|normal|0,1,2,3, etc..>

Allows you to teleport to any world by name, which is on the server.


/msg <player> <message>

This allows you to private message another player.

/afk <message>

Sets your status as AFK, which can be seen using the /whois command.

/rules <page number>

Displays the rules, which are formatted in the config.yml file in your plugins/Essentials folder.


Displays the motd (message of the Day) which is configured in the config.yml file in your plugins/Essentials directory.

/me <message>

Allows you to emote.


Lists the players online and how many slots are left.

/mail <read|clear|send [player] [message]>

Allows you to send, recieve, and read mail from other players on the server.

/helpop <message>

Requests help from online admins/operators.

/whois <nick|player>

Displays a specified players money, real name (if using a nick), and afk status.


/modgrp <player> <groupe>


Reloads your Essentials.jar configuration.


Reloads all of your plugins.


Displays chunk, memory, and world information.

/plugin [list] [<enable|disable|reload> <plugin name>]

Allows you to enable, disable, or reload a specified plugin.

/spawnmob <monster>,[mount]:[slime-size] <amount>

Allows you to spawn a specified mob with an optional mount, with Slime-size support.

/clearinventory [player name]

Allows you to clear your own inventory or the inventory of a specified player.

/broadcast <message>

Displays a specified message to all players on the server.


Places LIVE TNT near or on the block your crosshair is on.

/kill <player>

Allows you to kill a specified player.

/nick <player> <pseudo|off>

Allows you to give yourself or another player, a nick name.


Replys with a "Pong!". Generally used to make sure Essentials.jar is working correctly.


/give <player> <item> <amount>

Allows you to give another player a specified item.

/item <item> <amount>

Gives yourself a specified item.

/time <day|night>

Allows you to switch the world time between day and night.

/heal [player]

Allows you to completely heal yourself or a specified player.

/tree <tree|birch|redwood>

Spawns a specified tree 2 blocks in front of yourself.

/bigtree <tree|redwood>

Spawns a specified big tree 2 blocks in front of yourself.


/help <2,3,4,5,etc.>



Toggles players ability to teleport or request teleport to/from you.

Teleporting yourself to a player:

/tpa <player> <player>

If not denied by tptoggle status, then asks the player if you can teleport to them.

/tp <player> <player>

Direct (you >> player) teleport unless denied by tptoggle status.

/tpo <player> <player>

Overrides the tptoggle status and directly teleports you to the specified player.

Teleporting a player to your location:

/tpahere  <player><player>

If not denied by tptoggle status, then asks the specified player to accept transport to your location.

/tphere <player><player>

Direct (player >> you) teleport unless denied by tptoggle status.

/tpohere <player><player>

Overrides the tptoggle status and directly teleports a specified player to your location.

Teleporting to coordinates

/tppos <X> <Y> <Z>

Type in an <x> <y> <z> coordinate and off you go! The Y coordinate is your "Up in the Sky or Down near the Bedrock" location.


/ban <player>

Bans a specified player.

/banip <player>

Bans the IP of a specified player.

/kick <player>

Kicks a specified player off the server.


Kicks all players off the server.

/unban <player>

Unbans a specified player.

/unbanip <player name>

Unbans a specified players IP address.



Teleports you to the location of where you last used the /sethome command.


Sets your home position at your current location.



Teleports you to the global spawn or group (Permissions) defined spawn area.

/setspawn [group name]

Sets the global spawn and/or group (Permissions) spawn to your current location.