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This is what McMyAdmin will look like when you enter the website.

McMyAdmin Tutorial

Note: McMyAdmin is exclusive to admins only. certain features of the plugin are excluded from this tutorial to withold private information from public view. If you are an admin and have recieved the username and password for mcmyadmin, NEVER EVER distribute it. Doing so will result in your being banned from the server and all of its activities.

McMyAdmin is a powerful tool for administrators to keep track of everything happening in the LWS server. It essentially lets you control the server remotely from any web browser. By using McMyAdmin, admins will be able to stop and restart the server at a moments notice, promote/demote/ban users, set up scheduled events, and even access the server's console window.

Follow these steps to learn how to use McMyAdmin:

  1. Enter your web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and in the URL bar go to Note: You must have LogMeIn Hamachi open at all times during this process.
  2. You should now be prompted to enter a username and password. If you have not recieved a username and password, ask another admin for them.
  3. The page will by default load to the "Server Status" tab. This tab displays simple things like whether the server is online, how many players are connected, the server time, etc. (Note: CPU and Memory usage do not work) This page is useful to control whether the server server is on or off. You simply press stop or restart server at any time if problems arise.
  4. The "Chat" tab can be used to access the server's console window. The window displays messages sent by players on the server and messages (good and bad) sent by server plugins. You can also send messages to players on the server using the text area below the console window as well as access many of the server commands using a forward slash '/'.
  5. The "Users and Groups" tag is used mainly to promote/demote players to preset groups. This section has been purposefully shortened to ensure privacy. For an in depth tutorial on how to use the "Users and Groups" tag, ask an admin.
  6. The "Schedule" tab is a great way to make the server complete repeated actions. These can actions can be anything such as sending a broadcasted message to players on the server or making the time change to day every 10 minutes. Simply use the drop down menus under the "Add New Event" section to create a newly scheduled event.