Minecraft air ship terminal

WARNING! MoveCraft is a fairly demanding plugin, and tends to lag on servers where even a few dozen plugins run fine. If the vehichle is too big, it might crash your server.

MoveCraft is a plugin that will let us move around a little quicker and in a little style too! This plugin essentially adds vehicles which you construct out of blocks. To make an airship, it must be 60%+ wool


Replace "[CraftType]" with the name of the type of craft you are using.

[command] is specific to each craft type, and defined in its craft type file, and referable in the craft type list.

/[CraftType] [command] sail or pilot the craft

/[CraftType] release-release the craft

/[CraftType] remote - switch on/off the remote controller

/[CraftType] info - gives information about the current craft

/movecraft types - list the types of craft available to you, with size restrictions

/movecraft list - list all the craft controlled by the players, with size SIGNS ON CRAFTS Craft can be controlled (piloted and released) by placing signs on them with specific text. The idea of "driving licenses" is that only ops would have the ability to place signs with this text on them, and they could define per-craft usage for specific players or groups by placing these signs.


First line: craft type

Second line: craft name [optional]

Third line: craft owner (player or permission group) [optional]